At Catchpoint we have a particular way of seeing the world.

We view every child as a very special individual, needing just the right conditions to flourish emotionally and mentally. When it comes to therapy there isn’t a quick fix, but we can promise you this – if you bring your child to us, you’ll be providing them with what they need to progress and work through the deep challenges of trauma.

You’ll be guiding them towards their catch point – a place of positive change and safety. Whether you’re raising a very sensitive soul or an outgoing, robust character, we’ll be right by your side, providing you with our unique brand of therapy.

We take a lot pride in our therapy sessions and how we deliver them, but what makes them extra special is that we communicate with everyone who is consistently in your child’s life. We call this the Circle of Support. That way, everyone will be able to understand your child’s behaviour and needs. Plus, any growth achieved can be maintained, cultivated and even celebrated!

Your child will have a package of support tailored to meet their needs which includes collaborative assessments, school consultations and therapeutic network meetings.

Life-changing Connections

The model of therapy we use focuses on your relationship with your child. It’s all about strengthening the bond by looking at what works, what doesn’t and mapping your child’s route to healing. We’ll work with you in stages and the first stage is to acknowledge and identify the effects of trauma.

You and your child will then move through the other stages at your own pace, with activities that will allow you both to work towards building positive strategies to establish order in your relationship, your lives and ultimately relieve your child of the trauma they have experienced.

You may need to spend longer on some stages than others and you may even find yourselves going back to a particular stage before moving on again. That’s all perfectly natural. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy less structured activities which will help you both to explore your feelings and experiences.