Beyond Imagining

The aims of the collaborative assessments are to support not only your child, but everyone in their community, including you. This is because we understand that the people closest – the ones who live and work with your child can suffer from secondary trauma. We’re also able to get a clear picture of the effects of trauma and pinpoint what therapy will be needed in the future.

For the assessments to be effective we’ll look at the history of your child, carry out observations at home, school and during therapy sessions. We’ll also talk with you, any other carers involved with your child, social workers and school staff to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Creative Life Story Work

The Creative Life Story Programme is a fun way for you and your family to put together a narrative of your child’s life, from their origins to the present. This will help your child to put into sequence and perspective the experiences that they have had along the way. It also serves as a positive way for them to have a genuine sense of belonging to both birth and adoptive parents and share their feelings.

School Consultations

Your child’s well-being is so important to us. That’s why school consultations are great – they allow us to make sure that your child is included in normal daily school life. We want your child to feel connected and inspired to participate and reach their fullest potential.

The consultations are an opportunity for us to help school staff really understand what you and your family are going through.

They’ll be able to empathise with your child from a therapeutic perspective and we’ll all be able to design a care package that works well for your child and meets the expectations of school community.

Therapeutic Network Meetings

Parenting a traumatised child can be isolating for all kinds of reasons. One of the worst is lack of understanding from the people closest to you. The ones you care about and look to for support. It’s not that there’s no love – it’s just that dealing with this kind of difficulty on a daily basis puts a strain on everyone. The effects of secondary trauma can make life feel chaotic.

At Catchpoint, we can provide Therapeutic Network Meetings so that you, your family and friends can sit down and talk openly.

Everyone will be on the same page and united in their understanding of the strategies they will use to support each other and be stronger together.